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On the internet, I can be found under the nicknames/pseudonyms huma or (hux) humaldo. In real life, my name is Christian.

I live in Austria and since earliest childhood I felt a deep fascination for all kinds of technical gadgets, geek and electronic stuff in general. After I finished an apprenticeship as an office worker first, in my early 20ies I decided to study media technology at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, Austria – so I can follow up this interest in my everyday job too.

I was born in the early 1980ies and grew up in a time when video cassette recorders, CD players and computer games started to become commonplace. Yes, I was at the perfect age to take all these new kinds of technology deeply to my heart.

Moments that coined me were putting the golden cartridge of The Legend of Zelda in a NES, listening to my brother’s Bon Jovi Discography on a borrowed CD player and watching The Empire Strikes Back over and over again.

Early on, I experimented with (multiple) cassette players possessing a recording function and I dreamed of my very own video camera. I also spent a lot of time drawing comics and writing adventurous stories.

These naive and wonderfully unconstrained activities culminated in short black-and-white movies produced by my friends and me, as well as several funny stop-motion animations.

During this time, we even made a few small but fun computer games with an easy WYSIWYG editor. Unfortunately,  we lost them all in a hard drive crash, which taught us the importance of back-ups.

Then the time had come to choose a professional occupation – but due to various reasons I made the decision not to start a „creative“ career.

So I became an office worker and lived an easygoing and happy teenage life among a lot of good friends. But still driven by the urge to do creative things I began to practice the guitar and started looking for band members to form my own heavy metal band. After years of searching, I finally founded Lack Of Purity in 2001.

In my early 20ies I had enough of boring “non-creative” work and quit my job, passed the general qualification for university entrance (Matura) and started to study media technology at the University of Applied Sciences in St.Pölten. During the studies I focused on audio engineering and sound design and recorded a lot of rock bands.

After finishing my studies in 2011, I got a job in the games industry, where I am still working now. I currently spend a lot of my private time on all kinds of game theory, write articles for my blogs and try to play as many games as I can.

christian aka hux humaldo

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