project:DEV – Freizeit GameDev Projekt VS GameDev Job: Part 1

Folgende Situation: Man arbeitet bereits in einem Software Unternehmen, oder sogar bei einem Videospiele Hersteller. In seiner Freizeit macht man ebenfalls Videospiele. Muss man sich dafür jedoch vom Arbeitgeber eine Erlaubnis einholen? Oder kann dieser sogar das Freizeit Projekt für sich beanspruchen? Ein heikles und vielschichtiges Thema, welches in diesem Reddit ausführlich diskutiert wird:

Current employer „owns all software I develop“ Unless given permission. Advice?
Hey guys, I’m a solo hobby game dev… who also has a full-time job. My boss is aware of my solo pursuits. This week my boss called me into the office and showed me an employee agreement we are soon going to be required to sign. Part of it said something along the lines of „All software developed while an employee of said company is owned by said company. Unless given permission otherwise“ My boss told me he didn’t care that I was developing in my free time, but he said he can’t give me that sort of permission. Currently my approach is to ask permission from the owner of the company. Does anyone have tips/advice on what I should put in the letter?