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  • 16.01.2013
    „Nintendo is merging its handheld and console division next month“ [Quelle]
  • 18.02.2013
    Pachter: „Nintendo may never recover from WiiU mistake“ [Quelle]
  • 25.02.2013
    Bleszinksy: Nintendo wird in 5 Jahren keine Hardware mehr herstellen [Quelle]
  • 12.06.2013
    Why Nintendo won’t make games for smartphones [Quelle]
  • 08.09.2013
    Miiverse smartphone apps coming “soon” [Quelle]
  • 15.09.2013
    Nintendo is „Very Much Aware“ of Demand for a Unified Account System [Quelle]
  • 10.12.2013
    3DS Systemupdate bringt Miiverse und Nintendo ID auf 3DS [Quelle]
  • 18.12.2013
    No, Mario still isn’t coming to smartphones — and here’s why [Quelle]
  • 17.01.2014
    Iwata: „We are thinking about a new business structure“ [Quelle]
    Iwata: „The way people use their time, their lifestyles, who they are have changed. If we stay in one place, we will become outdated.“ [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 21.01.2014
    “Nintendo Fusion” Could Be Nintendo’s Next-Gen Hardware Name [Quelle]
  • 28.01.2014
    Report: Nintendo To Finally Go Mobile This Year (But In Its Own Way) [Quelle]
    Nintendo says it has ’no plans‘ to offer minigames on smartphones [Quelle]
  • 30.01.2014
    Nintendo stellt die Weichen für die Zukunft [Quelle]
    Nintendo Will Release New Platform In 2015-16 (But It’s About Health? [Quelle]
    Iwata plans for the Wii U and 3DS to be ‚like brothers‘ [Quelle]
    Future Nintendo Platform Will Be Account-Based Instead of Device-Based [Quelle]
  • 31.01.2014
    Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should „Abandon Old Assumptions“ About Its Businesses [Quelle]
  • 03.02.2014
    Iwata Addresses Possibility of Single Nintendo Hybrid Console [Quelle]
    Corporate Management Policy Briefing [Quelle]
  • 04.02.2014
    Zukünftige Nintendo-Konsolen mit ganzheitlichem Framework [Quelle]
  • 03.03.2014
    Iwata: „We believe that we can capitalize the most on our strengths through a hardware-software integrated platform business“ [Quelle]
  • 14.06.2014
    Wii U: Nachfolger der Konsole ist noch Jahre entfernt [Quelle]
  • 23.06.2014
    Miyamoto Talks About a Unified Console and Handheld Future [Quelle]
  • 03.07.2014
    Miyamoto: I fear that smartphones are becoming the norm for games [Quelle]
  • 14.07.2014
    Arbeitet AMD am 3DS-Nachfolger? [Quelle]
  • 27.09.2014
    Pachter: There Isn’t Room for Another Generation of Consoles After PS4 and Xbox One [Quelle]
  • 27.11.2014
    Nintendo Has Filed Patent For Game Boy Emulation On Smart Phones, PDA’s, PC And More [Quelle]
  • 14.12.2014
    Gerücht: Neues Gamepad gesichtet [Quelle]
  • 18.12.2014
    Nintendo is looking to use free-form LCDs in an upcoming device [Quelle]
  • 22.12.2014
    Nintendo’s next console will likely use x86 AMD chip, just like the Xbox One and PS4 [Quelle]
  • 04.01.2015
    Nintendo’s Movement to Unified Handheld and Console Software. [Quelle]
  • 10.01.2015
    In Theory: Nintendo’s next-gen hardware – and the strategy behind it [Quelle]
  • 05.02.2015
    reddit – Nintendo’s next console – theories and discussion. [Quelle]
  • 17.03.2015
    Nintendo and DeNA Form Business and Capital Alliance [Quelle]
    Nintendo is making smartphone games with Japanese mobile giant DeNA [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s next gaming hardware is code-named ‚The NX‘ [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s mobile gaming move proves the company’s still got it [Quelle]
    ´DeNA West CEO: ‘Nintendo became ready to do this. And we were ready the whole time’ [Quelle]
    Nintendo skyrocketed [Quelle]
  • 26.03.2015
    What We Want From The New Nintendo NX Console [Quelle]
  • 27.03.2015
    Zelda Wii U erscheitn nicht mehr 2015 und wird nicht auf E3 2015 gezeigt [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 08.05.2015
    Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ended March 2015 [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s New Membership Service Will Bridge 3DS, PC, Smart Devices, NX With Single Login [Quelle]
  • 12.05.2015
    Nintendo’s new, crossplatform membership service will likely launch this fall [Quelle]
  • 31.05.2015
    Nintendo’s Codename NX platform will use Android OS [Quelle]
  • 01.06.2015
    Nintendo denies NX platform will use Android OS [Quelle]
  • 16.06.2015
    Kaum WiiU und kein Zelda U im E3 Digital Event [Quelle]
  • 25.06.2015
    Details from Nintendo’s 75th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders [Quelle]
    Nintendo hasn’t changed its take on the nature of smartphone games, despite DeNA deal [Quelle]
  • 29.06.2015
    Shigeru Miyamoto isn’t deeply involved in the Nintendo NX’s design [Quelle]
  • 02.07.2015
    Iwata on maintaining the sense of surprise with NX, launch won’t mark the end of Wii U/3DS games [Quelle]
    The 75th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders [Quelle]
  • 03.07.2015
    Will we see the Nintendo NX in July 2016? [Quelle]
    Miyamoto Stepping Down From Hardware Development is Good News for Nintendo [Quelle]
  • 04.07.2015
    Liam Robertson: ‘Nintendo NX Is Not Aiming To Compete Against PS4 On A Power Level’ [Quelle]
  • 05.07.2015
    Report That The Nintendo NX Launches July 2016 Seems Unlikely [Quelle]
  • 13.07.2015
    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has Passed Away on Saturday 11.07.2015 [Quelle] [Quelle] [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 16.07.2015
    More hints that AMD is building Nintendo NX’s processor [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 24.07.2015
    Nintendo Quality Of Life Patent Applications Appear Online [Quelle]
  • 27.07.2015
    Firm Believes Nintendo’s NX Will Be A Social VR/AR Platform [Quelle]
  • 28.07.2015
    Dragon Quest XI is coming to PS4, 3DS, and Nintendo NX [Quelle]
  • 31.07.2015
    Is the PS4’s true competitor set to be the Nintendo NX? [Quelle]
  • 06.08.2015
    3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In The West [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 14.08.2015
    Will Nintendo Co NX Use Advanced Micro Devices Chips? [Quelle]
    Why the Nintendoa NX could be the next big thing in virtual reality [Quelle]
  • 16.08.2015
    Nintendo NX: Hardware Specs, Games, Third Party Support And Everything You Need To Know [Quelle]
  • 19.08.2015
    Analysts Think Nintendo Has Abandoned Its Health Initiative [Quelle]
  • 21.08.2015
    Nintendo NX: Nintendo Files Patent for New Games Console; Will Not Include Optical Disk Drive [Quelle]
  • 24.08.2015
    Nintendo Wii U Sales Pass 2.5 Million In Japan [Quelle]
    Nintendo Has Registered Achievement Sharing With Recording Patent [Quelle]
  • 27.08.2015
    Is global voice chat finally coming to Nintendo consoles? [Quelle]
  • 28.08.2015
    Nintendo NX Release Date, News and Specs: Diagram for ‚Nintendo NX‘ LEAKED! [Quelle]
  • 04.09.2015
    RUMOR: NX Platform Details, Both Console & Handheld [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 07.09.2015
    Next-gen consoles will “probably not” have physical media says ex-Microsoft exec [Quelle]
  • 09.09.2015
    Nintendo NX rumors: Game console to support cross-play [Quelle]
  • 10.09.2015
    Pokemon Go announced for smartphones, Nintendo involved [Quelle]
  • 12.09.2015
    new leak suggests next console will support cross-platform playing [Quelle]
  • 14.09.2015
    Tatsumi Kimishima, president of NoA from 2002-2006, becomes president of Nintendo (Takeda becomes Technology Fellow, Miyamoto becomes Creative Fellow) [Quelle]
  • 17.09.2015
    New Nintendo Patent: Input Device with Haptic Feedback [Quelle]
    New Nintendo Patent reveals mysterious Handheld with rotary shoulder buttons [Quelle]
  • 22.09.2015
    Michael Pachter: Aktuelle Konsolengeneration sollte die letzte große sein – Analyst empiehlt Umstieg auf iPhone, Set-Top-Boxen und digitalen Vertrieb [Quelle]
  • 26.09.2015
    NX Coming With Features Similar To The X1 and PS4? [Quelle]
  • 26.09.2015
    Nintendo Joins the Khronos Group [Quelle]
  • 28.10.2015
    Pokemon Aims to Deliver Unique Features for Coming Nintendo NX [Quelle]
  • 05.10.2015
    Nintendo NX Release Date, News and Specs: Nintendo NX Working with AMD; Console Set to be Released Next Year? [Quelle]
    Nintendo dropped from list of top 100 brands for first time [Quelle]
  • 09.10.2015
    Nintendo has huge market dominance in Japan [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX Won’t be Replacing 3DS and Wii U But Will Be a Handheld Console? Nintendo NX Release Date, News, and Specs [Quelle]
    Don’t expect more Game Boy, SNES downloads on modern Nintendo systems [Quelle]
  • 16.10.2015
    Nintendo Launches Updated Developer Portal Website [Quelle]
    Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Home And Mobile Hardware Powered By „Industry-Leading“ Tech [Quelle]
    Nintendo Begins Distributing NX Software Development Kits [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX will have „incredibly powerful“ hardware [Quelle]
    Why Nintendo NX having a 2016 release date makes sense [Quelle]
  • 17.10.2015
    Making The Nintendo NX More Powerful Could Be A Dangerous Move [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s NX to be a Family of Systems, Feature Industry-Leading Chips, Dev Kits Sent Out [Quelle]
  • 19.10.2015
    Pokemon Go: Nintendo reveal they have BIG plans for new leading title [Quelle]
    WSJ journalist comments a bit more on the power behind NX [Quelle]
  • 29.10.2015
    Corporate Management Policy Briefing / Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing for the 76th Fiscal Term Ending March 2016 [Quelle]
    Corporate Management Policy Briefing / Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ending March 2016 Oct. 29, 2015 [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX prediction render based off leaked patents. Who else is excited for 2016? [Quelle]
    Nintendo announces a new account system and rewards program [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s first mobile app is Miitomo [Quelle]
    Nintendo and DeNA Stocks Plummet More Than 10% After Investor Briefing, Lose $2.48 Billion in Market Cap [Quelle]
  • 30.10.2015
    EA To “Evaluate Any And All Opportunities” For Nintendo NX [Quelle]
    Nintendo Believes They Can Exceed DS & Wii Era Profitability Within 3 Years [Quelle]
  • 02.11.2015
    Nintendo Stock Drops Nearly 20% in 5 Days, Loses $5+ Billion in Stock [Quelle]
  • 08.11.2015
    New console may be out July, 2016; software development kits reportedly roll out from Nintendo [Quelle]
  • 13.11.2015
    Upcoming Nintendo NX Will Be a Social AR or VR Console? [Quelle]
  • 14.11.2015
    Michael Pachter Predicts The Nintendo NX’s Price [Quelle]
  • 15.11.2015
    Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake Heading To Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console? [Quelle]
  • 16.11.2015
    Nintendo NX “doomed before it launches” without key third-party support [Quelle]
  • 20.11.2015
    Nintendo NX – Plan A [Quelle]
  • 21.11.2015
    Patents Shows Nintendo NX Unlike Any Console We’ve Seen Before  [Quelle]
  • 29.11.2015
    Next-Gen Console Totally Different From Wii U, PS4 & Xbox One [Quelle]
  • 30.11.2015
    Upstream supply chain expects new Nintendo games console to achieve 10-12 million unit shipments in 2016 [Quelle]
  • 01.12.2015
    Nintendo Account launched in Japan [Quelle]
  • 03.12.2015
    14 Things Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima Told Us [Quelle]
  • 07.12.2015
    Nintendo Patent Application Gives Hints at What the NX Might Be [Quelle]
    Has this patent revealed the cloud-based secret of the Nintendo NX? [Quelle]
  • 21.12.2015
    Pachter Claims 2016 Release for Nintendo NX Unlikely [Quelle]
  • 29.12.2015
    Nintendo NX Suggested As A Home Console Device By Koei Tecmo CEO [Quelle]
    Here’s How Nintendo Transformed Itself in Just a Year [Quelle]
  • 09.01.2016
    Console Sales []
    WiiU: 12,5M
    Xbox One: 19,5M
    PS4: 36.1M
  • 15.01.2015
    Nintendo confirms it will launch its first smartphone game in March [Quelle]
  • 20.01.2016
    Nintendo NX Rumored to Work With Smartphones, PCs and Competing Consoles [Quelle]
    More Nintendo NX rumors suggest 4K video support and 900p resolution gaming [Quelle]
  • 22.01.2016
    Macquarie Report Suggests NX Portable In 2016 And NX Console 2017 [Quelle]
  • 26.01.2016
    Why the Nintendo NX is the most important tech launch of 2016 [Quelle]
  • 29.01.2016
    Macronix Will Be Providing Memory Products for the NX, Reiterates that the platform will be launching this year [Quelle]
  • 02.02.2016
    Nintendo sales decline after sparse Wii U holiday lineup [Quelle]
  • 03.02.2016
    Miitomo und My Nintendo starten im März [Quelle]
  • 05.02.2016
    Could Releasing The NX This Year Hurt Nintendo In The long Run [Quelle]
  • 07.02.2016
    Insider source says key partners in possession of NX dev kits, late 2016 release looking plausible [Quelle]
  • 08.02.2016
    Lieferengpass: Wii U in Japan vielerorts vergriffen [Quelle]
  • 16.02.2016
    Nintendo Account Registration now live worldwide [Quelle]
    2016 launch for Nintendo NX ‚a mistake under any scenario‘ [Quelle]
  • 20.02.2016
    Zelda NX (& NX) Confirmed For 2016!!! [Quelle]
  • 22.02.2016
    Rumor: EA Has Been in Possession of NX Dev Kits for Awhile, Meeting With Nintendo in March [Quelle]
  • 24.02.2016
    What the Nintendo NX needs to learn from the launches of PS4, Xbox One [Quelle]
  • 26.02.2016
    Nintendo’s 3DS sales are plummeting — the NX console can’t come fast enough [Quelle]
  • 27.02.2016
    Rumor: New Information on Next-Gen “Nintendo NX” Console [Quelle]
  • 28.02.2016
    The NX and Its Possible Threat to PS4 [Quelle]
  • 02.03.2016
    Don’t Believe the Nintendo NX Hype [Quelle]
  • 04.03.2016
    Why Nintendo NX Could Have One of the Strongest Launch Lineups in History [Quelle]
    Nintendo Is Leaking Like Crazy [Quelle]
  • 05.03.2016
    Wii U is Sold Out All Over Japan and Nintendo Won’t Comment [Quelle]
  • 10.03.2016
    Zelda Wii U is ‘like going from Japanese food to Western-style food [Quelle] [Quelle]
    Nintendo Patent Discovered – Handheld Device With Infrared Camera/Distance Sensor [Quelle]
  • 12.03.2016
    Pachter: Nintendo NX Is Not Going To Be Very Good, Will Be Backward Looking Technology [Quelle]
  • 17.03.2016
    Nintendo NX Controller Leaked Photo [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 19.03.2016
    ‚Miitomo‘ Tops Japanese iOS Charts, Beats ‚Line‘ [Quelle]
    An analysis of the NX freeform-screen rumour  [Quelle]
    Google Doc: Which Nintendo NX rumours should you believe? [Quelle]
  • 21.03.2016
    It doesn’t matter if the NX is a failure Nintendo will go on [Quelle]
  • 22.03.2016
    A GAF insider who predicted Pokémon B&W pre-reveal says we’ll get info on the NX before E3 [Quelle]
    Nintendo shares spike 8% on first smartphone app success [Quelle] [Quelle]
    Nikkei: Nintendo Ceasing Wii U Production At End Of Year [Quelle] [Quelle] [Quelle]
    Nintendo denies report of Wii U ceasing production this year [Quelle]
    Why Nintendo NX having a 2016 release date makes sense [Quelle]
  • 24.03.2016
    NX leak confirmed fake by „leaker“ [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 27.03.2016
    Nintendo NX Mega Leak: Specs, Controller, Handheld, Better Performance Than PS4, And More [Quelle]
  • 30.03.2016
    Possible NX Leak on 4Chan [Quelle]
  • 02.04.2016
    Nintendo Invested Around $527 Million In Research And Development Last Fiscal Year [Quelle]
  • 14.04.2016
    Guide: All The Nintendo NX Release Date Rumours, Details, Games And More [Quelle]
  • 17.04.2016
    Rumour: Nintendo NX Using Vulkan API, New IP, Screen Controller [Quelle]
  • 20.04.2016
    Why you should be excited about NX’s software output [Quelle]
  • 27.04.2016
    Nintendo confirms new NX console for March 2017 release [Quelle]
    Nintendo To Launch The NX And New ‚The Legend Of Zelda‘ Next March [Quelle]
  • 29.04.2016
    Kimishima on 3DS focus plus NX software lineup, profitability, missing the holidays [Quelle]
    Kimishima: The Nintendo NX Will Be Profitable From Day One [Quelle]
    Why Nintendo NX is Set to Revolutionize Console Gaming [Quelle]
  • 02.05.2016
    Nintendo’s president gets grilled on its mobile business, NX plans  [Quelle]
  • 16.05.2016
    Nintendo Says NX „Will Not Make An Appearance“ at E3 2016 [Quelle]
  • 28.05.2016
    Xbox One (Scorpio) vs. PlayStation 4.5 (NEO) vs. Nintendo NX [Quelle]
  • 06.05.2016
    Nintendo NX may use cartridges instead of an optical drive [Quelle]
  • 02.06.2016
    Report: Nintendo NX to Be VR Compatible [Quelle]
  • 15.06.2016
    Ubisoft: We believe NX will recapture the Wii audience [Quelle]
  • 16.06.2016
    Nintendo NX: Enthüllung erfolgt wohl im Herbst [Quelle]
    Feature: The Big Nintendo E3 2016 Summary [Quelle]
  • 18.06.2016
    Nintendo Outlines Key Goals to Ensure NX Success [Quelle]
  • 20.06.2016
    Nintendo NX Will Be Announced On September [Quelle]
  • 21.06.2016
    E3 2016: What Is The NX? Digging Into Nintendo’s Big Secret [Quelle]
  • 23.06.2016
    Analyst Michael Pachter Says Zelda: Breath of the Wild Will Sell 10 Million NX Consoles Quickly [Quelle]
  • 25.06.2016
    Nintendo NX: Neue Hinweise zur Hybrid-Struktur durch Breath of the Wild [Quelle]
  • 29.06.2016
    Nintendo reconfirms the NX is due to Launch next March [Quelle]
    Report: Nintendo’s fear of imitators kept NX out of E3 [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX Biggest Secret Revealed [Quelle]
  • 01.07.2016
    Evidence that the NX will usher in a unified system architecture and OS for all Nintendo products going forward [Quelle]
  • 06.07.2016
    Pokemon GO – Launched In Australia, New Zealand, & USA [Quelle]
  • 09.07.2016
    Nintendo’s next-generation NX console could debut during Gamescom next month [Quelle]
  • 11.07.2016
    Pokémon Go’s success adds $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market value [Quelle]
  • 16.07.2016
    Pokémon Go Nintendo Stock: Does The Huge Rise In NTDOY Make Sense? [Quelle]
  • 17.07.2016
    Can Pokémon Go save Nintendo? [Quelle]
  • 18.07.2016
    „Pokémon Go“ für Nintendo: Erhöhter Druck oder Happy End? [Quelle]
    How Pokémon Go Sent Nintendo’s Stock Soaring [Infographic] [Quelle]
    Nintendo Breaks Stock Market Records Thanks to Pokemon [Quelle]
  • 26.07.2016
    Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX is powered by Nvidia Tegra technology [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s mysterious NX is reportedly a portable console that connects to your TV [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX to feature Xbox One-like specs, big reveal coming soon [Quelle]
  • 27.07.2016
    Nintendo NX: The pros and cons of a transforming portable [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX Price Will Be Cheaper Than Expected [Quelle]
  • 28.07.2016
    NX Mockup with the detachable controllers showing ideas for multiplayer, TV play and VR [Quelle]
    NX is different, and different is Nintendo’s best option [Quelle]
    The internet’s dumbest Nintendo NX mock-ups [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX Concept Render [Quelle]
    NX Mockup with the detachable controllers showing ideas for multiplayer, TV play and VR [Quelle]
    NX mock-up based on recent rumour [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX Concept Render [Quelle]
    Here’s a rather good Nintendo NX Mockup [Quelle]
  • 29.07.2016
    If the rumor about the NX is true, what does that mean for Nintendo? [Quelle]
  • 31.07.2016
    Video: Digital Foundry überprüft, ob NX GameCube- und Wii-Virtual Console anbieten könnte [Quelle]
  • 04.08.2016
    Report: Nintendo NX will get Zelda, Mario and Pokémon games within first six months [Quelle]
    Pachter: Nintendo NX Success Hinges On Third-Party Support [Quelle]
    Pokémon, Mario and Zelda headline NX ‚dream‘ line-up [Quelle]
  • 05.08.2016
    Nintendo to start production of NX in early 4Q16, say Taiwan makers [Quelle]
  • 07.08.2016
    DigiTimes Reports NX Production Entering Trial Period, Volume Production Early 4th Quarter [Quelle]
  • 11.08.2016
    Nintendo Employee Files Patent For Clip-On Controllers Similar To NX Rumors [Quelle]
  • 12.08.2016
    The point of removable controllers [Quelle]
  • 16.08.2016
    Updated Patent Details Potential Modular Controller [Quelle]
  • 17.08.2016
    Nintendo’s Supplemental Computing Devices For Game Consoles Patent Granted  [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX is Using TEGRA X2 Chip, More Powerful than X1 [Quelle]
    Microsoft says this might be the last console generation [Quelle]
  • 20.08.2016
    Nintendo NX Rumors Reveal Console’s Release Date, Name And Games, But We’re Skeptical [Quelle]
  • 21.08.2016
    Nintendo on the demographic for NX, stronger relationship between teams [Quelle]
  • 24.08.2016
    Tom Phillips (EuroGamer) says that NX is set to be revealed in September, Nintendo Direct for fans and actual event for press, will happen at the same time [Quelle]
  • 25.08.2016
    Nintendo NX Rumors Tip Tegra X2 Specs With ‚Metroid Prime 4‘ As A Launch Game [Quelle]
  • 26.08.2016
    Detatchable NX Controllers Support Motion Control and Force Feedback [Quelle]
    NX prototype had a 6.2 inch 720p multi-touch touchscreen [Quelle]
    What Nintendo needs to do better with NX [Quelle]
  • 31.08.2016
    Here’s a recap of NX Hardware details [Quelle]
    Nintendo is in a bad place and needs a hit more than ever [Quelle]
    NX Handheld Dimensions, Layout Info, Lack of Region Lock View First Unread [Quelle]
  • 01.09.2016
    Animal Crossing and Miitomo Successor Launch Titles for NX + More – Developer Interview [Quelle]
  • 06.09.2016
    The Nintendo NX has to look better than this… [Quelle]
  • 07.09.2016
    Why Nintendo finally brought Mario to iPhone [Quelle] [Quelle]
    Nintendo Aims to Rescue Profits With Mario’s Jump to Smartphones [Quelle]
    Why ‚Super Mario Run‘ for iPhone is Nintendo’s Ultimate Trojan Horse [Quelle]
  • 08.09.2016
    Nintendo NX Details Coming Very Soon [Quelle]
  • 12.09.2016
    Rumor: Nintendos developer portal updated gearing up for an nx reveal [Quelle]
    RUMOR: Nintendo NX Set for Gamestop Expo Reveal [Quelle]
    Kevin Pereira setzt mysteriösen Tweet zum NX Reveal ab [Quelle]
  • 13.09.2016
    Nintendo NX reveal hype builds on Reddit ahead of Tokyo Game Show and Gamestop Expo [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX Information Finally Released; Console To Be Unveiled By October [Quelle]
  • 14.09.2016
    Sony And Microsoft’s Obsession With High-End Gamers Could Open The Door For Nintendo’s NX [Quelle]
    Gerücht: Hat Nintendo Frankreich versehentlich das Releasedatum der NX und Zelda: BotW verraten? [Quelle]
  • 20.09.2016
    The Pokemon Company has just confirmed that the Nintendo NX is a console / handheld hybrid [Quelle]
    Apparent „Leaked“ photo shows possible NX design [Quelle]
  • 22.09.2016
    Ubisoft CEO Talks Nintendo NX and Advantages of New Hardware [Quelle]
    Ubisoft CEO Praises Nintendo NX For Being „Easy To Use“ And „Different“ [Quelle]
  • 23.09.2016
    Report: Nintendo’s NX has entered production [Quelle]
    Foxconn Artist Lays Out Nintendo NX Hardware Specs [Quelle]
    Rumour: Foxconn Employee Leaks Nintendo NX Design With Sketch [Quelle]
    NVC: We Guess the Nintendo NX’s Real Name [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX to be released Christmas 2016? [Quelle]
    Nintendo is Reportedly Taking ‚Final Orders‘ on Wii U Consoles From Retailers [Quelle]
    Europe: Retailers will not longer be able to order Wii U consoles after October 1st [Quelle]
    Developers LOVE Nintendo NX [Quelle]
  • 25.09.1016
    Nintendo NX Specifications and Form Factor Possibly Revealed, Less Powerful Than PS4 [Quelle]
  • 26.09.2016
    47 Nintendo NX Concept Images Created by Fans [Quelle]
    Nintendo NX – wurde der Preis geleakt? [Quelle]
    Nintendo hardware sales in the Americas are worse than you’d expect [Quelle]
  • 27.09.2016
    Sony PS Vita has outsold Nintendo Wii U worldwide [Quelle]
  • 08.10.2016
    Reddit: [Leak] Goodies from a large retail partner [Quelle]
  • 12.10.2016
    Reddit: Hwut is this? (Nintendo duo) [Quelle]
  • 20.10.2016
    First Look at Nintendo Switch [Quelle]
    The Internet Reacts To The Nintendo Switch [Quelle]
    NVIDIA Technology Powers New Home Gaming System, Nintendo Switch [Quelle]
  • 21.10.2016
    Nintendo verschreckt mit neuer Spielkonsole Anleger [Quelle]
  • 23.10.2016
    What We Want To See With The Nintendo Switch [Quelle]
  • 24.10.2016
    Time To Buy: Nintendo Is Switching Up Its Game [Quelle]
  • 27.10.2016
    Nintendo’s President Feels the Reaction to the Switch has Been “Overwhelmingly Positive” [Quelle]
    Nintendo Switch has a 6.2″ 720p multi-touch screen [Quelle]
    Nintendo Switch – Termin für Enthüllungs-Event im Januar steht fest [Quelle]
  • 28.10.2016
    Nintendo’s Big Switch: Q&A With President Tatsumi Kimishima [Quelle]
  • 01.11.2016
    Rumor: Nintendo Switch NVidia Architecture Unveiled by Japanese Journalist [Quelle]
    The final Wii U will roll off Nintendo’s production line this week  [Quelle]
  • 02.11.2016
    Nintendo Denies Wii U Production Is Ending This Week [Quelle]
  • 11.11.2016
    NVIDIA CEO says people will be “amazed” by Switch, sees relationship with Nintendo lasting two decades [Quelle]
  • 13.11.2016
    nvidias ceo calls nintendo switch groundbreaking and states performance matters [Quelle]
  • 14.11.2016
    Nintendo Switch to sell for £200 for a basic model and £250 for premium [Quelle]
  • 16.11.2016
    Report: Mario & Skyrim Switch at Launch, Splatoon Pack In, No March Wii U Zelda [Quelle]
  • 07.12.2016
    Virtual Console der Nintendo Switch erhält GameCube-Spiele [Quelle]
  • 08.12.2016
    First live look at the new Nintendo Switch [Quelle]
    Breath of the Wild: Nintendo Switch-Premiere bei Jimmy Fallon [Quelle]
  • 11.12.2016
    Nintendo’s Stock Rises to Its Highest Point Since the Height of the Pokémon GO Craze [Quelle]
  • 31.12.2016
    Niedrige Speicherbandbreite soll direkte Spiele-Portierungen von PS4- und Xbox-One-Titeln erschweren [Quelle]
  • 13.01.2017
    Nintendo Switch Presentation [Quelle]
    Switch erscheint weltweit am 3. März 2017 / Konsole ist Region-Free / Akku-Laufzeit 2,5 – 6 Stunden [Quelle]
    Spielkonsole Nintendo Switch vorgestellt: Preis, Datum, Hardware, Games [Quelle]
    The Nintendo Switch costs $300 [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s Boss Promises the Switch Won’t Have the NES Classic’s Supply Issues [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s investors were unimpressed with the Switch [Quelle]
    Nintendo stock is taking a beating after the company unveiled its newest console [Quelle]
    Nintendo stock value dips following Switch showcase  [Quelle]
    Immersion and Nintendo Enter into Agreement to Bring Immersion’s TouchSense Technology to the Nintendo Switch System [Quelle]
    Will the Switch outsell the Wii U? Gamasutra staff weighs in [Quelle]
  • 14.01.2017
    TouchSense, a haptic technology, will be implemented in the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen [Quelle]
    Switch Supports Micro SDXC Memory Cards Up To 2TB [Quelle]
  • 15.01.2016
    GameStop Officially Sells Out of Nintendo Switch Stock [Quelle]
  • 16.01.2017
    Reggie on Switch’s demographic, third-party support, online plans, more [Quelle] [Quelle]
  • 18.01.2017
    Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen looks toward the past, not the future [Quelle]
  • 19.01.2017
    The Nintendo Switch won’t kill the 3DS [Quelle]
    What You Need to Know About the Nintendo Switch’s Garbage Graphics [Quelle]
  • 20.01.2017
    Nintendo Switch to sell 40m units by 2020 [Quelle]
  • 21.02.2017
    GameStop: Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders’ Attach Rate Higher Than Wii U [Quelle]
  • 23.01.2017
    Is the Nintendo Switch launch date and “light” games line-up a calculated gamble? [Quelle]
  • 24.02.2017
    Christmas will be the true test for Nintendo Switch [Quelle]
  • 26.02.2017
    The Switch Will Not Replace The 3DS Because Each Console Offers Different Controls [Quelle]
  • 27.02.2017
    Nintendo Switch – more info on the console and its accessories [Quelle]
    Pre-orders account for over 80% of Japanese Nintendo Switch launch shipment [Quelle]
  • 01.02.2017
    Nintendo Switch online service will be much cheaper than on PS4 or Xbox One [Quelle]
  • 02.02.2017
    Nintendo Thinks Switch Can Be as Popular as Wii; Here’s Why That Might Not Be Crazy [Quelle]
  • 02.03.2017
    Nintendo Switch to sell 5 million in 2017 – SuperData [Quelle]
  • 03.03.2017
    Die Switch erscheint weltweit.
  • 06.03.2017
    The Switch broke Nintendo’s sales records (in the Americas, at least) [Quelle]
  • 07.03.2017
    Nintendo Switch launch sales are good news — but not great news yet [Quelle]
  • 13.03.2017
    Report: Switch cartridges to blame for higher game prices [Quelle]
    Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive [Quelle]
  • 14.03.2017
    The Nintendo Switch could be the perfect indie machine [Quelle]
    Nintendo’s new console nails a crucial aspect that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One whiffed on [Quelle]
    Nintendo Switch has sold 1.5m worldwide – SuperData [Quelle]
  • 17.03.2017
    Großer Hoffnungsträger: Nintendo verdoppelt Produktion der Switch [Quelle]
  • 18.03.2017
    Developer Survey Reveals Worrying Lack Of Interest In Nintendo Switch [Quelle]
  • 25.03.2017
    GameStop: Nintendo Switch Sales Could ‘Eclipse the Wii’ [Quelle]
  • 27.03.2017
    Nintendo: “Unconventional” Software Planned for the Switch [Quelle]
    How can we solve Nintendo Switch’s cartridge cost quandary? [Quelle]
  • 29.03.2017
    Nintendo Switch Sells A Half Million Units In Japan Faster Than The PS4 [Quelle]

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