Soundcraft ui24R „Session folder is corrupt or incomplete“ Multitrack Recording Problem

Experienced Problem: Multitrack Recordig with brand new ui24R doesn’t work: The recorded audio files are only 1KB big and a „Session folder is corrupt or incomplete“ message appears.

Problem Description:

The ui24R Device was reset to factory reset. It shows firmware „3.1.8273-ui24„.
Nothing was changed, no channels renamed, no settings touched.

Note 1: The latest firmware Version on the official soundcraft website is „3.0.7865-ui24v2
Note 2: When trying to install firmware version „3.0.7865-ui24v2“, an error message tells that it’s not possible to install a version that is older than the one that is installed currently.

In the Multitracking Config Settings, I selected 2 channels that should be recorded.
Note: The following problem occurs with all file formats (Flac, Wav) and all available channels.

Then a 16GB USB3 Flash Stick is inserted into the „Record“ USB Slot. The Stick is FAT32 formatted and the writing speed is 26MB/s.
(Note: Several USB sticks have been tried, all with the same result).

When the record button is pressed, the red time counter stays at 00:00 and the Buffer meter doesn’t move.

When the recording is finished, the green and the yellow time counters show 00:00.

When trying to play the recorded Multitrack Session, an „Session folder is corrupt or incomplete“ message appears.

The recorded audio files have a size of only 1KB, no matter how long the actual recording was.